Hi my name  is Briitany Duke........I made this website because I want to reach out to young people and people my age who think that suicide is the only way to end all the problems that they are having at this point in their life.

I know teenage years can be the roughest years in a person's life. I have lived through the most horrible situations that I think I will ever face. I have been raped, molested, physically abused and emotionally abused.

I remember all the times that I would cry myself to sleep, how many times i cut myself, and how many times I have tried to commit suicde. I was always told that Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and they were right I have been in and out of Juvenile dentention and in and out of Behavioral Hospitals and I have come to realize instead of hurting myself I could help others that are hurting and going through some of the things that I went through an dare still going through...

If you would like to comment or talk to me my email address is brttny_rbcc_dk@yahoo.com

You can always reach me there or you can always write me.. My address is

P.O. Box 501

McDonald, Tennessee


My name is Brittany Duke .....



I hope that I can help anyone out there that needs someone to just listen and help you in any needs neccessary.