By Wesley Machungo


The Lord that we serve is a Great God that can not be compared to any other god.

when i look at what he has created I cant stop but to give him all the praises and adoration.

Take a look at this:


The rivers that feed the oceans is the work of His Worda and as we marvel at the beautiful scenaries that were created at the breath of the almighty God.who can on earth and the heavens make such a wonderful and miraculous creation and be able to feed the lakes and oceans  that never say enough or get satsfied.All this God did that in all the Glory Shall return to him

the most thing that surprises me is the birds of the air

Each morning that we wake up the birds are already up singing their sweet melodies to the Creator and in every thanks they Give to their creator and yet those that werre ceated by the Hands of the Almighty and not by the breath of word are still warming their blankets and as they wake from their sleep they cant even remember to tell the Lord thank you for the night they are only worried of their future and the bible tells us something that we need to learn from the birds .--they never worry about tommorow for they feed today and tommorow is to the Lord why then should we worry when we know that our God liveth for us andhe is their to take care of us?He says that we should take our yolks and burdens to him for he cares we need not to trouble our selves for what will happen tomorrow.

This is what the Lord Says



For God is love and no one can change that.He loved us even when we were still sinners and sent his beloved son to come an die on the cross that we may receive salvation that who ever believes in Him shall not die but live for in Him there is life


Christ is calling upon us that we may accept and follow Him.That we may leave our wicked ways and do as He commands us to that we may not die but inherit the kingdom of heaven and that we may be heirs with him once he comes to take us to the home that he went to prepare for us.May are the times that we have denied christ and put him to public shame by the things we do.The way we speak ,dress walk and what we do to others is what we have been doing to christ.If for sure he is to come now are you ready to go with him  or you will be among those that will cry to the mountains to fall on them that they might not see Him.remember that in everything that you do one day you will be accountable for you action; we shall all bow before him and every  on me will face him and be judged according to his/her deeds,with rewards at hand ready to rewards us for all that we have done.surrender to him that you may live that you may enjoy his goodness now and forever more  for in him you will never lack anything but you will always have provision in abudance

says the LORD.