The Internet has always thrived on sharing information and Ebooks are the latest trend in that regard. The volume of Internet users increases on a daily basis and everyone is looking for some specific bit of information. This need has caused several experts to publish ebooks on a variety of topics. Besides that is the fact that anyone can self-publish an ebook and this has solved the publishing woes of many writers. 

Ebooks can be published using free software that plugs into most word processors. There are no limitations in terms of publishers, agents, printing, paper, and so on. You do not even need a distributor if you know a bit about Internet promotion.  

Well written ebooks can substantially increase the value of a business by establishing the author as a credible source of good and reliable information. The more helpful the information you can publish in an ebook the greater will be the ease of distribution. You need to be an expert on the topic you are writing and of course your words must be sincere. 

Some authors also create a series of ebooks as a serial course. You could release important reports from time to time with expert commentary and so on. 

You must always include your website URL and contact details in the ebook, preferably to your blog where readers may discuss the contents.

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