Alex Tew Dashes to The Million Dollar Homepage Finish Line

By Donna Monday

Have you ever seen a great idea and said to yourself: "I wished I'd thought of that?"

Well, just when you thought there weren't any more new ideas in online advertising and marketing, along comes Alex Tew, a 21-year old college student from the UK who came up with the brilliant idea of turning website pixels into prime online internet advertising space.

Ok. Maybe you're saying to yourself "So What?"

Perhaps you don't even know what pixels are. Well, maybe you'll grow a little bit more interested when you discover that Alex Tew is selling each little pixel square on his The Million Dollar Homepage site for $1 each.

Still not impressed, huh?

What if each pixel was sold in 10 x 10 blocks for $100 each?

And he has exactly 1 million pixels to sell.

Now you're getting interested.

What if I told you that all kinds of business advertisers were snapping up these pixel ad blocks at such a phenomenal pace that Alex has already earned over a half million dollars towards his one million dollar goal. All within just a few short months.

While most of us online web publishers are happy when our online income covers our hosting fees, Alex is going to be able to earn enough money to pay for his entire college education within a short period of time.


Because Alex thinks big.

He needed to solve a problem: Money for College

He decided he needed a big idea--one that would excite people.

Now, he's inspired over 500 pixel ad copycat sites and has been interviewed by various media, which causes his unique site to get tons of traffic, which entices lots of people to click on those colorful ads featured on The Million Dollar Homepage. In turn, this causes even more eager businesses to buy his pixel advertising.

However, even Alex admits that his brainstorm will probably have a short life span. He'll be making most of the big money as well. Most of those copycats will fade away with empty pockets.

Why is pixel advertising more of a fad than a long-term strategy like the popular pay per click (ppc) advertising?

Well, you only need to take a look at Alex's website at to find out. You'll see a hodgepodge of very colorful graphic ads of various shapes and sizes. The smallest blocks are the $100 ads. The largest ads cost thousands of dollars.

This set up is good for Alex, but in the long run, how many people will want to visit a page full of graphic ads?

Remember, people online want information, not blatant advertising. Once the novelty dies down, so will the traffic. Alex will have a million dollars--or more, a good education, and a nice story to tell. The advertisers will have enjoyed a nice boost in website traffic and hopefully earned some nice profits from riding Alex's wave of popularity.

As Alex says, this is a "one off idea" and "a chance to make Internet history."

In other words, it's a special one-time only event.

Hurray. Hurray. Step right up folks. See the amazing pixel advertising page!

Alex is currently on a whirlwind media tour in the U.S. Will he reach the one million dollar mark by the end of December 2005?

Stay tuned as the pixel ad fad keeps racing towards the finish line.

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