Trading Digital Money

Easy to understand info on Digital Currency.

How To Buy Bitcoin

If you are here I am supposing that you are interested in bitcoin but a little confused on how it works. I have been in the same boat so let me see if I can help. First you want to understand what bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a digital currency , it is basically a monetary unit stored on a computer. Click here to watch a short video

The hard part comes in when you decide that you want to get some. Well the fact is you just have to know where to look. And that much I have figured out. Just go to open up an account, connect your checking account to it and presto you will be ready to buy some bitcoin. is a digital currency investment account, it allows you to buy different digital currency and treats them as investments that you can buy and sell. More info on Coinbase click here.

Coinbase doesn’t allow you to purchase digital currency with a credit card however, does. Both have a little bit of a process to get set up. I have accounts at both and not only is it worth it, but if you want to trade DC it is a must. is a trading platform now trading about 25 of the best coins. Coinmama is not a trading platform, it is a purchasing platform only so you will need an exchange to trade on. If you want to buy and sell lesser known coins is excellent.

Click here to find out how to get free bitcoin.

Get $10 to 50 of stellar for learning about it.

Buying bitcoin with a credit card

Buying bitcoin with a credit card is one of the easiest ways to get some bitcoin. However I have been finding it hard to do through the exchanges. is company that specializes in buying bitcoin with a credit card. All you have to do is set up an account with and get the BTC deposit address and copy and paste it into your order at

Comparing Digital Coins

Comparing Digital Coins You will want a place to compare coins. To check price action. To research each digital currency. By far the best site I found for this is

Free Bitcoin

There are websites you can get free bitcoin however you will need a way to convert it to cash. That is why you will want to get a account at as we discussed earlier.

I have found 3 websites where you can get free bitcoin. There are many out there, I will try them first and then post the best ones I find here. The Best starting at the top of the list. I will be adding more so check back soon. gives you free coins for visiting their site. All you have to do is click there roll button and Enter the phrase they give you”. You can claim coins every hour. gives you free coins for visiting their site. All you have to do is click there roll button and click “I’m not a robot”. You can claim coins every hour. gives you free coins for visiting their site. You can claim coins every 15 minutes.

Keep On the Lookout

We want to find the next up and coming Coin. So as you do research and find an interesting coin you can find the Exchange it trades on usually at . I have found that is not only covering these new opportunities but is itself an opportunity as they pay you to hold their coin the KCS coin.

Here is how it works, once you open an account and buy at least 6 Kucoin you will start to get a bonus just for holding the shares. The more you own the bigger the Bonus, after you open your kucoin account just go to the assets tap and click on bonuses to get the full details.