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We will work on images in this chapter.

Open up your first web page click the view menu and the source feature (click here for details)

This should bring up notepad with your basic template again.

Note: I have been having trouble using the source feature, if you are unable to open up the source file using the method above, use this one instead, click here for details.

After you have typed the code in, go to (file menu top left corner) and click save. Then either go back and open the website or click the refresh button if it's already open, this will update the changes on the web page.

One more step, we still need to get the picture in your folder.

To do this right click this picture below, a pop up menu should appear, click on it and select

Save Picture As...

Save the picture as logo.jpg in the same folder your web site is saved in or you can get your own picture name it logo.jpg and put it in the same folder.

Click the refresh button again.

The new page should look like this.