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Tables are the key to page layout! let's see what tables are all about.

Open up the web page again click the view menu and the source feature (click here for method 1 or here for method 2). You sould have note pad open. It might be a good idea to save this as template.txt also, you can use this again and again to start your web sites.

Tables can be tricky, but I'm going to try to make it as simple as possible. Tables allow us to organize whats on the web page. Tables create a grid on the web page.

We have a header, 2 paragraphs and a picture on our site we are going to put each one in a box to show how the table works. In other words, the table or grid has four boxes.

Refer to the basic site and notice where the tags are inserted.

Use the opened notepad file and type in the code only the code in black.
Notice that we've change the order of some of the items.

This should show you the power of tables and the necessary use of them.

After you have typed it in, go to file: click save and then go back to the web site and click the refresh button this will update the changes on the web page.

The new page should look like this.