w-CMS is a flat file based CMS but you can include database files as well. This CMS is specifically designed for you to build your websites using the templates created by Wolfram Fiedler (aka wfiedler) but you can also use your own templates by converting the designs into themes yourself.

w-CMS Installation requires no set up. Once uploaded into your webhost it is ready to use. If changes are available your installation can be updated automatically by using an installation/update program (install.php) or manually if you so desired.

w-CMS supports multiple sites in each installation and each site can have its own themes for the layouts. Themes can be converted from any designs by following the simple steps of this process.

w-CMS also supports multiple languages in each site. However, there is no automatic translation and currently only support static contents. This feature is optional. Do not include it if your site does not support multi-languages

Free Standards Compliant Web Site Templates created by Wolfram Fiedler (aka wfiedler)

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Please go to our Documentation site for more information about this CMS.